Plan to create a smooth warewashing operation

  1.  UPster rack transport dishwasher would handle the most soiled ware; pots, pans and crockery.
  2. Coffee and tea service creates its own warewashing problems because of tannin staining in the cups; a separate DV80.2 gio hood machine was specified to handle just this crockery.
  3. We specified two Meiko FV40.2g-gio reverse osmosis for washing the glassware. Reduced staffing by 1 person compared to the operators other sites
  4. Finally we included a Sammic undercounter cutlery polisher; reduced staffing by one person compared to the operators other sites.

Customer Feedback

“…. the acid test of any relationship is would I use CHR again – and the answer to that is “Yes”

The service CHR provided at quote stage was concise, professional and comprehensive.

At the build stage CHR worked really well and in partnership with our guys on site.

On completion, the handover was comprehensive.

CHR have forged personal and good relationships with all of the kitchens and they with you.

So – all told, thank you CHR for your role in making Picturedrome what it now is!”

Nick Johnson, Head Honcho, Market Operations Ltd, November 2019


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