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The kitchen design from CHR met two key requirements: to accommodate two student groups in one open kitchen, and to provide a full range of equipment to deliver the course requirements and wide menu which a commercial restaurant offers.

The centrepiece of the kitchen design is a bespoke Garland island suite from Enodis UK, perfect for live cook demonstrations to large groups. The island suite incorporates solid top ranges, open burners, chargrills, fryers, a plancher and eight ovens. The kitchen also boasts two Convotherm combi-steamer ovens from Enodis UK.

“CHR pulled out all the stops for us” said Terry Keyte, Head of Catering, who is delighted with the new facility.“The kitchen is ideal for students to work with equipment they will find in commercial kitchens. The restaurant is very busy, a terrific learning environment. We couldn’t have done it without the expertise and support we received from the team at CHR”.