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The new facility has been specifically designed to enable TSC’s development team to work more effectively, and provide a suitable environment in which to work with key customers. CHR’s solution was to design the workspace to enhance flow and facilitate all the people who work within it, and provide equipment that delivers the same quality as its client’s products.

Technologically advanced seamless (multipoint) induction cookers, griddle pans, cook maries  and the smallest six-grid combination oven in the world, all integrated into bespoke stainless steel counters, and improved ventilation extraction, not only meet the specific requirements of the brief, but simultaneously accelerate the cleaning and hygiene regime and cut energy consumption, reducing TSC’s carbon footprint.

The multipoint surface induction units offer greater control over and uniformity of heat, whilst the range incorporates electronic sensors to apply heat only underneath the pan. As a result of CHR’s strategy, as many as 16 small pans can be used at any one time. The made-to-measure counters and workstations ensure the whole kitchen fits perfectly with minimal risk of food debris becoming trapped in minute gaps between sections.

TSC Foods managing director Simon Gamble commented,“Our old kitchen was no longer fit for purpose. We needed a kitchen that would enable our staff to work to their utmost ability, but would also be a suitable environment to bring in customers, to work alongside our development team. CHR were very helpful and flexible, and we are very proud of our new facility. The payback is forecast at four years, but the kitchen will last at least 12, so represents a more than justifiable capital investment.”

TSC Foods has already won the Quality Foods Award for its soups and the British Frozen Food Federation silver award for its chargrilled vegetable cous cous; it is hoped that the new kitchen will enable more trophies to be added to the cupboard.