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“The old bulk trolley system was not working well”, said Gordon Ashley, Catering Manager.  “Food was portioned and served to patients at ward level.  Staff had to estimate the number of meals needed and the choice of food required, which led to a lot of wastage.

“We introduced an electronic ordering system so patient requests come directly to the kitchen just before each meal.  CHR installed a plated meal system including hot and cold bain marie.  Trays are assembled according to their orders – just like in a restaurant. We plate around 250 meals in just 40 minutes.  It’s far more accurate and we can respond promptly to changing demands and patient numbers.

“CHR also recommended and installed several new basic pieces of equipment and created a warewash conveyor system to easily dismantle the hundreds of trays of dirty cutlery and crockery returning to the kitchen after each meal.

Gordon, who has worked in public sector catering for almost 40 years, has nothing but praise for CHR Ltd;

“Their input and industry knowledge was second to none,” he said.

“Having no previous experience of working with CHR I didn’t know what to expect, but Ron and his team were fantastic to work with.  They used local tradesmen on the project which was completed in just six weeks, with the kitchen operational throughout.

“It was a great experience all round.  CHR’s response to the brief and attention to detail was spot on and I would have no hesitation in recommending CHR to colleagues in the catering industry.”