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I have had my Eco-Chef for a year now and the energy savings we are reaping are amazing – about £500 a month compared to the old gas line-up. It is turning in 92 per cent efficiency compared to previous gas efficiency of 35 per cent. The built in energy monitor makes it easy to calculate against previous bills.

The kitchen environment is better, there is less heat produced due to the induction top and not working with naked flames; we aren’t putting on the extractor fans so we’re saving money there too. All this is a big plus.

Importantly, Eco-Chef has helped us produce a more consistent product. The Eco-Chef was designed specially for us and our menu, which includes a lot of braised dishes. Also, we aren’t using so much butter and cream – but more healthy ingredients, such as rapeseed oil.

The Shoulder of Mutton is a busy food pub and initially we wondered whether the Eco-Chef would stand up to the hammering we knew it would get and, one year on, it is as good as new.

Our Eco-Chef was the first to be designed, built and installed by CHR in a business like this, a busy 18th century rustic inn.  People don’t expect to see such an advanced cooking suite in a historic place like this. Eco-Chef is suited to our youthful style here and the suite is tailored for our modern cooking.  We are catering for a niche market offering product that is now more consistent.  Shoulder of Mutton dishes include slow braised shin of beef; 24-hour cooked pork belly, toasted nuts, seeds and oats, pommery potato purée, crackling, confit white cabbage.

We have a water bath in the bottom of the Eco-Chef and an Adande refrigeration unit where we can blast chill/freeze. Eco-Chef is so easy to clean as there is no build up of carbon around gas burners now, we just wipe down, and the unit is like brand new every time – even after a year.

CHR installed the Eco-Chef within a day and they actually designed and manufactured it in 6-8 weeks. And afterwards no problems. The old gas system was costing me at least £200 month in call outs. Even if we do have to call CHR out, it is all covered in the warranty. To be honest in a year we have only had to call them to change light bulbs on the range as we couldn’t find the way in. Now we know!