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The Brief

CHR had worked with Richard and Mandy on a number of projects in their sister hotel in Lytham St Anne’s. The brief was to bring some cooking and theatre into the dining room and create a modern experience for all the guests and every mealtime. With this being on show we had to take ease of cleaning as a priority and we introduced one piece tops were possible and the material allowed us to.


The Design

The design of the hotel meant that to access the bottom end of the buildings bedrooms, the guests would have to walk past the bar and kitchen area, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase what they had in store for their guests.

We had a number of considerations on this project to bear in mind, we had to design a way in for the beer lines to get into the bar from the outside store so a bulk head was required and we designed in storage to the back wall to hide this. We also replicated the same design in the pastry area.  We designed in features such as under counter boilers and integrated sockets and data boxes to allow other trades to follow in.

We also had to hide a dish wash area and this was with a hatch concealed from the end of the pastry area and although initially on view the space works really well and you don’t notice it is there at all.

Project Management

This was particularly tricky as the flooding following storm Desmond hit with force. The road to Grasmere from the north had crumbled away and there was only one road in and out of the village. This didn’t stop any progress and the installation was completed on time and on budget.

CHR and the team worked together with onsite electricians, plumbers, and local tradesmen, flooring contractors and joiners and brewery equipment fitters to make sure everything went smoothly.


Training and handover was completed and the road eventually reopened. Richard and Mandy were so pleased with the results of the fit out that CHR were asked back into the Lytham hotel to undergo the new refurbishment on the bar and pass areas.