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Project History

In an interview in 2017 Simon said

“I’m actively looking to open a restaurant in the north of England. It’s where I grew up and so I feel comfortable there and can connect with people. English produce is amazing and we’ve come a long way since jellied eel and fish & chips!

I’d like to make English people proud of what we have by utilizing what I’ve learnt in my career to bring out the best in it.”

Armed with that ethos and a very basic sketch CHR began the conversation with Simon to illustrate how we would  deliver the kitchen at Restaurant Mana.

The Brief

Create an unpretentious, fun, exciting, educational and intimate environment that makes you feel as though, when you’re there, it’s the only thing that’s happening on the planet.  That goes not only for the guests, but for the staff too. It’s much more effective if everybody is on the same wavelength and I believe that the talented, interesting and hard-working people in this industry deserve a rich, comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle

Alonside our usual approach (see here), in order to achieve this vision we were asked to design the kitchen with certain considerations in mind:

  • No separation – the kitchen would not just be open, it would form part of the restaurant space
  • Clear line of sight – no fixtures above the counter height. All members of the Mana team would need to be able to see other team members and the guests
  • High end domestic – Mana had to feel like a high end domestic fit out so that the dining room felt like a home from home for the guests
  • Low running costs
  • Temperature – all dishes at Mana are prepared by temperature instead of traditional sections
  • No waiting staff service; Chefs deliver the food to the table
  • Easy to clean and operate


CHR provided  all contractors BIM level 2 drawings, from concept design through 3D visuals to construction issue.  With a kitchen so fundamental to the overall restaurant design, these drawings  were crucial to the entire project team.  CHR had a huge responsibility to the other professionals working on this project, including:

  • Main contractor
  • Clients designated builder
  • Interior Designers
  • Joiners
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Finance

Each of these disciplines required drawings from CHR which were effectively communicated to enable them to deliver their element of the project.

CHR also led on material specification, elements of which were continued into other areas of the overall restaurant design.

The BIM drawings are linked back to our catering estimation software which enables clients to benefit from layout drawing to specification and cost proposal relatively quickly.  This particular client was keen to agree layout as early as possible so this proved invaluable.

CHRs drawings were used in every aspect of the process and praise from the wider project team was given to Matt Aspey for his ability to update and issue drawings in a timely manner.


Having taken the time to show Simon various CHR sites and kitchens in operation, it was decided early in the process that an induction based, energy efficient  solution was the way to go.

Using our own bespoke Ecochef suite would help Simon deliver such a tailored design and create the vision and the tools needed for Mana, while delivering a sustainable, energy efficient solution for the business.

This also fitted well with the sustainable ethos of the development at Ancoats and the Chef ‘s own British led  kitchen menu.

All of our specifications complied with TM50 , WRAS Approval and CE MARKED as you’d expect from a CEDA member.

Installation & Handover

CHR provided a huge amount assistance and coordination in ensuring that all other trades on site were well briefed as to what their requirements were ahead of our arrival on site to install.

Structural and electrical loads were provided along with detailed service drawings enabling the wider project team to deliver their individual elements.

Its worth noting that the tolerance allowance on this project was 2mm

This upfront work allowed for a straightforward installation of the kitchen elements.  CHR would like to extend their thanks to the wider project team in working so closely with them.

A comprehensive training and handover programme allowed the newly assembled team at Mana to get to grips with the installed equipment very quickly. And ensured Mana was ready to open operate at Simon’s request.

On time – on budget.

Customer Satisfaction

Having completed the project on time and on budget, we were thrilled to receive this letter from Simon:

Reference Letter

We’ve also put together a video project review; have a look here: