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This new and modern café space, located on the Newcastle University campus, is a redevelopment of an old document store. The Bistro Café is open to students and visitors to the campus between 8am-5pm daily and offers seating for more than 120. The catering team, headed by Margaret Hunter, Director of Accommodation and Hospitality Services, wanted to create a modern, inviting environment where people would gravitate to and enjoy relaxing in.

“The service counter has a big job to do,” said Margaret. “We offer an extensive menu with hot and cold meals, salad bars, snacks and a wide selection of drinks all of which need to be well presented, easily accessible and stored at the correct temperature. At the same time the service counter is a key part of the Bistro design and really needed to look the part.

“CHR tendered for the job and offered a competitive solution. They really listened to our requirements as well as making some insightful suggestions. The design was just what we were looking for and the project went without a hitch from design to completion. I’ve worked with CHR in the past and knew they were up to the job, I wasn’t disappointed.”