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“And, with induction there is no smell of gas, the kitchen is cooler and a pleasure to work in and we feel healthier. Another big bonus, nobody is getting burnt! With gas, when you pull the pan off you are constantly singeing the hairs on your arms.

“We use the plancha to seal meats and to seal and cook fish and I can honestly say the consistency of the food we are now producing has improved 10 fold which is exactly the result I want as I want diners to go away shouting and screaming with happiness about their meal here.

“CHR made it very easy to spend the money on Eco-Chef. We didn’t want to go with a big uncaring company, we wanted to work with people who really cared and they do. We could have settled for a range imported from Japan but we soon decided against that. CHR were extremely informative and I am very happy with the service we received from them. When the unit arrived it just slipped into place with barely a millimetre to spare and the whole installation was clean, tidy and efficiently performed. And they exceeded deadlines; they told me it would be done by lunchtime and it was up and running by 11.45.

“As for after sales service CHR have proved to be over and above what I would have expected in back up and staff training. They didn’t just drop off the Eco-Chef and disappear. For example, one of the components on the Eco-Chef is an MKN combi and CHR arranged for the trainer to come all the way from Blackpool to Norfolk and then two weeks later the guy came to demonstrate a different element.

“As for quality, you might laugh at this but when I saw two and half tons of stainless steel coming into my kitchen, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the knobs; proper good ones, not flimsy, and definitely made to last. This is indicative of the quality of the complete product, which is extremely well made.

“I have waited six years for a new kitchen and I am extremely pleased with my Eco-Chef.”