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We were awarded the job of designing the prep room, main cookline and both of the counters for the newly refurbished unit and former school uniform shop.

Having spent some time with the owners and then at various burger outlets to understand how the kitchen and the team would work within the space we came up with a plan that creates a one way flow of orders around the kitchen which is then returned to takeout customers or taken to those dining in.


Using a Frymaster suite we were able to deliver a tool for the fried products that combines the capability of meeting the expected 600 portions a day with a reduction in the use of oil by approximately 40% and of power by about 10% over traditional frying suites.

This is paired with a Miraclean griddle which can reduce energy usage by up to 32%, cleaning times by up to 44% and radiant heat by nearly 90%.

The basement prep room has to be able to cope with mincing up to 55Kg of the best quality beef as well as cutting enough fries for 600 portions.

The historic site, designed to echo the Burlington Arcade in London, is a grade 2 listed building and in 1895 won an award for best planned fire-proof arcade.  It was only right that we upheld that accolade by ensuring the kitchen was fitted with a full fire suppression system.


We weren’t tasked with all aspects of the fit out so communication was key to ensure that there was minimal crossover of trades and install teams. As ever we supplied service drawings to all relevant trades so that each piece of work could be completed as per the requirements of the job.

It was a pleasure to watch this new brand launch its flagship here in Preston and we look forward to working with the team again when they roll out the concept to other towns and cities.