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The Brief

This was a full refurbishment of the existing development kitchen and chefs table in Cartmel. Simon wanted to change the whole decoration, the feel of the place and make the space work better for him and his team. As always we had a blank canvass and needed to get creative.


The Design

Having worked closely with Simon and the team at L’Enclume and at Fera, we had a pretty good idea as to what was needed in this old building. The old post office was to be knocked about a little bit as internal walls needed to come down and be replaced in order to make the space work and feel right.

CHR were asked to look at different materials and work with different manufacturers to create a truly unique chefs table. We looked at antique granite and marble quarried from the ground but the end result was a poured and polished concrete that will stand the test of time.


In such an old building and with a chefs table top that weighs over 2,400 Kg, the installation at Aulis was always going to be a challenge.  However with careful planning and an experienced project management team on hand it was a challenge we were equipped to rise to.




Handover and Training

Handover and training was as smooth as we would ever hope for given the experience of the team at L’Enclume.  Sticking with already proven sustainable technologies meant that staff could quickly get to grips with developing dishes for the restaurant and wowing guests in the intimate environment.


“The finished result is truly stunning” says Scott Walker.  This area is multifunctional and has become a real hub for the team in Cartmel. It is a real high tech space that acts as a development area for chefs to explore new dishes and new techniques.

Diners can also have a real behind the scenes experience of the Michelin-star institution and have previews to newly developed dishes that are not yet on the menu at L’Enclume.