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“Although initially sceptical about the merits of an all-electric kitchen I was convinced after seeing some CHR kitchen installations and speaking to the operators. Throughout the consultation and design process CHR was instrumental in developing ideas and concepts, identifying areas where further savings could be made and giving advice on how to achieve it.”

CHR’s Paul Neville explains the process:“We took the focus away from the equipment itself and went right back to basics, looking instead at menus, the number of covers, staff, utilities usage and so on, developing a working brief from that information. It became clear that our mission was to deliver a kitchen that would centre on a bespoke energy efficient cooking block, designed to reduce energy use while improving the speed that food is produced while maintaining quality and consistency.”

Having agreed on exactly what was wanted it was time to cost out the project. The CHR team developed a number of cost options based on well-known European brands and presented the estimates to Mike. Not one of them was anywhere near his budget.

“We decided that if our customer wanted that particular solution then it was up to us to make it happen – and at the right price. It was important that the product reflected CHR values, delivering a sustainable, quality product that would deliver energy efficiency and be backed by a longer term warranty and service package than anything else on the market. It had to offer real value to Mike and his team.”

CHR went to work to source the components that would make up the first EcoChef. Paul Neville explains: “The EcoChef is essentially similar to imported stoves from overseas manufacturers. We use high-end German components for the cooking blocks, while EGO Switzerland is providing the expertise in induction that provide a major contribution to the energy efficiency of EcoChef. There are a lot less pans used in the operation with our direct cooking methods and trends in the kitchen, which saves on water and detergents let alone labour costs.”

CHR Founder Ron continues, “To see our client reap the benefit from his investment is very rewarding and when we add into the equation the sustainable aspect of providing British jobs, producing a high quality product and the energy savings EcoChef brings we are very excited about its future.

“We are also very proud that we won almost instant recognition for our work at Appleby Manor in the Outstanding Customer Service category at the Catering Equipment Distributors Grand Prix Awards.

“We would urge caterers to look very closely at EcoChef, it could change the way you look at kitchens forever!”, concludes Ron proudly.