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High Speed – redefined

High speed across the board. This is the basic principle in the FlexiChef®. Our design engineers have carried out some fine tuning and implemented numerous technical innovations to accelerate each process. Thanks to many technical innovations further accelerated all processes.

That brings you and your employees in the kitchen even faster to the finish line – and saves valuable time.

This all contributes to the FlexiChef’s enhanced overall performance. The reaction time of the operating system is now twice as fast as before and the heat up* time 35% faster.

ReadyXpress high speed cooking is twice as fast as conventional pressure cooking** and three times as fast as with traditional cooking equipment***.

Give your kitchen a kick in terms of speed and efficiency – with the FlexiChef®.

FlexiChef® Size 1

Usuable capacity 50 litres

FlexiChef® Size 2

Usuable capacity 75 or 100 litres

FlexiChef® Size 3

Usuable capacity 100 or 150 litres

FlexiChef® Team

The new team version now availble with all sizes

MagicPilot ®

The operating system that works as easily as your smartphone.

With the intuitive and simple operating concept MagicPilot ® , handling the FlexiChef ® is as easy as you know it from your tablet at home or your smartphone.

The FlexiChef ® has a large and clear 10-inch display that is not only robust, but also very easy to clean. Cooking is fun and motivation is guaranteed to increase.

SpaceClean ®

Manual cleaning is a thing of the past. Automatic intermediate cleaning in just 2 minutes * – without chemicals!

The time management and hygiene level in the professional kitchen are being revolutionized.