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The handling of events and frequently changing workload are part of your everyday work? With FlexiRack ®  you can increase your capacity in no time! And it’s smart too. You always have the choice: GN 1/1 or FlexiRack ® .

The lateral insert, simple and safe handling.

The capacity advantage of FlexiRack over GN 1/1  is 40% more cooking surface which means overall less cooking time, less energy consumption and higher productivity when its needed most.

FlexiCombi 6 Magic Pilot

Size options include

  • Size 6.1 Electric
  • Size 6.1 Gas
  • Size 6.2 MAXI Electric
  • Size 6.2 MAXI Gas

6.1 models accept 1/1 GN & FlexiRacks 

6.2 models accept 2/1 GN

FlexiCombi 10 Magic Pilot

Size options include

  • Size 10.1 Electric
  • Size 10.1 Gas
  • Size 10.2 MAXI Electric
  • Size 10.2 MAXI Gas

10.1 models accept 1/1 GN & FlexiRacks 

10.2 models accept 2/1 GN

FlexiCombi 20 Magic Pilot

Size options include

  • Size 20.1 Electric
  • Size 20.1 Gas
  • Size 20.2 MAXI Electric
  • Size 20.2 MAXI Gas

20.1 models accept 1/1 GN & FlexiRacks 

20.2 models accept 2/1 GN

Features Included as Standard on all FlexiCombi Models: 

EasyLoad crosswise insertion , MagicPilot, autoChef

Manual cooking, QualityControl, PerfectHold

Cooking Steps function, ClimaSelect plus, Ready2Cook

RackControl 2, SES – Steam Exhaust System, MKN CombiConnect

WaveClean cleaning system, FamilyMix, Time2Serve

VideoAssist, FlexiRack capacity concept, CombiDoctor

GreenInside (electrical model), BarcodeScan function (without scanner)

ChefsHelp, PHIeco DynaSteam 2, Integrated heat exchanger

Hygienic cooking chamber door with sealed triple glazing, Integrated shower hose

Optional Accessories Include

Left hand hinged door for table-top and Team appliances / Two position safety door lock
Marine version, special voltage (electric only) / Additional external multi-point core temperature probe (can not be retrofitted)
Additional external sous vide single point sensor(can not be retrofitted)/ Stands and base cupboards
Stacking kit (for table-top appliances) / Regeneration and plate banquet systems, thermal insulation hoods
IPX6 – Protection against powerful water jets (electric only) / FlexiRack accessories: CNS grid, drip pan, granite enamelled trays, baking and roasting trays non-stick coated, chicken grill rack, frying basket, cup baking tray / GN containers, GN grids and baking and roasting trays / Two-in-one cleaning cartridges for WaveClean
Steam condensation hood FlexiCombi® Air / Cooking accessory sets (FlexiRack, GN, …)
Cleaning sets / GN lengthwise insertion / Interface for connection to an energy optimization system according to DIN 18875 / Ethernet interface

Download the accessories list here ! 

SmokeInside – the integrated smoking function

Housemade smoking – with the space saving, fully integrated SmokeInside.

The complete smoking function is operated simply using the MagicPilot control panel.

SmokeInside transforms your FlexiCombi cooking chamber into a smoker oven in no time at all and gives your product that individual taste.

The smoking function can be programmed in combination with other cooking methods and so caters for process reliability including HACCP documentation.
The smoker unit is installed onto the combi steamer and allows wood chips and spices to be easily loaded using a pull-out drawer.

So it’s not necessary to touch the hot smoker unit.

There are four different intensity levels for the smoking function which guarantee a variable and unique smoky flavour of your products.

Whether meat, fish or vegetables, … your imagination knows no bounds when you use SmokeInside.

Download the SmokeInside Brochure here !

FlexiCombi Team 

The team player for the professional kitchen.

Two types of cooking in parallel in one combi

Download the Team Brochure here !