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Bursting with Benefits

within the 55cm, the space compact combi oven has all the power of a full sized combi but is 40% smaller than the traditional big brother & sister and there is no compromise on features.

The SpaceCombi boasts six GN 1/1 inserts, an intuitively guided cooking concept, automatic cleaning and a range of other advantages all in one small attractive package.

All brought together with an operating system as simple and easy as your smartphone. Utilising the MagicPilot operating concept, the SpaceCombi ensures that your guests receive top quality food, dish after consistent dish.

Take a look below.


As Flexible as Market Trends

Never before have trends been as fast-paced as they are today. This also applies to the foodservice sector.

Customer wishes are constantly changing and demands are growing. Now, food not only has to taste good but also has to be healthy.

The offer is varied, presentation is appetising, dishes are prepared before guests’ eyes and cooking is celebrated as art.MKN has adapted to suit the changing needs of the market with the SpaceCombi®.

It comes with an array of options, from steaming to frying, all in just one device – guaranteeing the fulfilment of the customer’s desires.

Maximum Taste – Minimum Space

From succulent fish to buttery croissants and juicy chicken, the SpaceCombi® ensures that guests are always impressed with fine quality cuisine cooked to the highest standards – all within just 55cm.

Complete with two cooking chambers, this model is small, compact and easy-to-use.

With two separate cooking chambers, you have complete control of your menu. Each chamber is individual.

While one chamber is steaming, the other can be baking, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

The SpaceCombi® also boasts a variety of different features such as Guided Cooking which supports the user throughout the entire process while ensuring consistent quality.


Freedom for chefs and customers

Today, fast and fresh are at the top of a customer’s desires when it comes to food.

Whether it’s the latest street food vendor, at the weekly supermarket or the local fuel station, a tasty snack on-the-go is always appreciated.

For these small service sites, the SpaceCombi® is vital.

It’s compact, powerful and even has its own integrated ventilation system, meaning that there’s no compromise on quality, no matter where you’re serving!

Oven Accessories 

Whether you are looking for additional capacity for your oven or a special tray for that croissant. Here you can find all these including a cleaning cartridge.

The accessories list is here, get in touch to find out more.

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MKN Junior 

Compact and Multifunctional. The perfect service oven with the same flexibility as its older brother. positioning is key to your kitchen design and having a compact oven at the right service point is essential to any service.

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