CHR’s Pete Callaghan says “A huge thank you to all the distributors, manufacturers, engineers and others that helped us provide the kitchen at Real Junk Food Manchester.  By working together we were able to deliver this kitchen for around 25% of what it should have cost. Absolutely unbelievable!”

Real Junk Food Project Director, Corin Bell adds “We’d like to offer huge thanks to all of the companies who have helped us to find equipment, fabrication and more for our latest adventure. We absolutely would not have been able to do this without you, and we really appreciate the time, energy and hard work put in by all.

The way we’ve worked to build Manchester’s first waste food pay-as-you-feel restaurant perfectly demonstrates Real Junk Food Manchester’s ethos – this is what a community can do when it pulls together. “

In no particular order our thanks are extended to:

  • Fiona Mason and Adam Mason of CEDA. Both helped us get the word out there to the industry via the CEDA website, twitter accounts and email.
  • Mark Banton and Alison Bramley of Parry. Mark and Alison checked and rechecked their stock list and provided benches free of charge.
  • Anthony Upton of Merseyside Catering Fabrications – Anthony offered support from the get go and when the site changed was quick to respond with free benches to fit the space.
  • Oli Elkington of Keith Elkington Transport – another early offer of help and Oli ended up providing surplus equipment and provision of logistics for equipment from others at no charge.
  • Mark Apperley and Ian White of Mechline – Even while on holiday Mark offered help and Ian stepped in to supply Fly killers, hand wash basins and GreasePak free of charge.
  • Euan Hunter of E&R Moffat – Euan tried his best to supply benches at no cost from surplus or returned stock, where he couldn’t do this he offered substantial discounts.
  • Ray Donovan of MKN UK – Ray worked his socks off to get the absolute best possible price on a combi oven and then gave his time to make sure they new kitchen team could get the most out of it.
  • Paul Anderson of Meiko UK. An amazing offer from the new head of Meiko UK; a fully refurbished undercounter dishwasher with 2 year warranty!!
  • Colin Nash of HCS. Colin stepped in late on in the project to generously provide materials and labour to sort out the ceiling in the kitchen.

There were also offers of help from Lee Preston of Inox Fabrication, Cathy Wilcox of Wilcox Burchmore, Jack Sharkey of Vision and Paul Cheetham of CED.

We really appreciate all the support and can’t thank everyone enough both from ourselves and on behalf of Real Junk Food Manchester.

What an amazing industry!!

You can read more about the project here and visit the project website here.